Pharaoh hound 2+6 born 11.7.2008

Farao Anubis Phoenix - Northgate's Ray of Sunshine

B-litter Pharaoh hound  3+7 born 26.1.2009
Enigma Seeking Perfection - Xemxija Clueless at Pareesa

C-litter Irish Setter born 1+0 born 13.3.2012

Original Game O'Chance - Dark Auburn's Sundance for Original


D-litter Irish Setter 3+6 born 7.1.2013

Avon Farm Phantom Peaks Aruba - Original Nothin On You


E-litter Irish Setter 7+4 born 14.3.2015

Vicary's Just a Game - Original Nothin On You

F-litter Irish Setter 5+6 born 4.5.2016

Avon Farm Mr Bronlow - Pareesa Dig a Pony






Saara Mattero
Tampere, FINLAND

phone: +358 45 630 2455

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Pareesa puppies will leave to their new homes registered, examined by a veterinarian, ID-marked, de-wormed and socialized; with experience from children, other dogs and of life in the city. We use Finnish Kennel Club forms as our contracts.


Each puppy will be given a personal album including a substancial written guide (in Finnish or in English), feeding instructions, breed information and a litter story.