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Helsinki - 31.8.2014
Judge: Carlos Fernandez Renau
"Pretty bitch, feminine. Nice head. She could be a fracture high on legs. She needs to settle down on the move, especially
in front action."
» Intermediate class Excellent 1st
Heinola - 24.8.2014
Judge: Arne Foss, Norway
"A very nice package. Good silhouette. Good eyes. Still a little round in skull. Good neck and topline and tail set. Very well bodied
for age. Good movement from the side, still a bit undetermined in the front. Well presented, very good quality of coat."
» Intermediate class Excellent 2nd CQ BB3 res-CC
Kouvola - 23.8.2014
Judge: Zlatko Jojkic, Serbia
"Very attractive female. Nice feminine head with excellent expression. Very good topline. Correct tail set. For the age very 
well developed chest and forechest. Correct angulations in front and rear. In the movement mechanically correct with a lot of 
energy. Very good coat quality. Excellent temperament and presentation."
» Intermediate class Excellent 1st CQ BB1 CC BOB
Valkeakoski - 16.8.2014
Judge: Kirill Barbosov, Russia
"Not big. Good character. Not enough high in withers. Good feminine head. Strong back. Powerful movement. Good quality of coat."
» Intermediate class Excellent 1st CQ BB1 CC BOB
Karjaa - 6.7.2014

Judge: Jussi Liimatainen


"Excellent size and square body. Excellent head shape, good eye shape, skull could be stronger. Nice neck and topline. Good shape of ribcage. Adequate hind angulations, slightly tight tail. Good silky coat. Balanced movements. Charming package."
» Intermediate class excellent 1st CQ BB1 CC BOB
Riga INT, Latvia - 8.6.2014

Judge: Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki


"Very sweet small bitch, light in bone. Excellent proportions of the body. Needs more filling in the muzzle. Nice expression. Good ribcage, nice topline. Very good coat. Still lose on the move and needs better hind action. Excellent coat quality."
» Intermediate class excellent 1st CQ BB1 CC CACIB BOB


Riga INT, Latvia - 7.6.2014

Judge: Kitty Sjong


"Excellent head. Good pigmentation. Well placed ears and eyes. Good fringes. Good underline. Well placed tail, correctly carried. Good bone and feet. Moves well. Good coat."
» Intermediate class excellent 1st CQ BB1 CC CACIB BOS
Estonian Winner INT - 1.6.2014

Judge: Yvonne Cannon


"Excellent bite. Good head proportions, nice eye. Would like a little more lay of shoulder. Good ribcage. Stands well front and behind. Well ribbed, excellent opline, moves well behind and in profile, would like front action little more."

» Junior class excellent 1st CQ BB4 Jun-CC BOS Junior Estonian Junior Winner 2014
Kingisepp, Russia - 7.4.2014
» Intermediate class Excellent 1. CQ BB1 CC BOB
Finnish Winner INT - 15.12.2013

Judge: Terence Burgess


"Very puffy head. Good proportions. Dark, round eyes. Well bodied. Good topline. Body in square. Nice high tailset."

» Junior class excellent 1st CQ BB3 CC Finnish Junior Winner 2013


Nordic Winner INT - 14.12.2013

Judge: Annika Ulltveit-Moe


"Great form and size. Good skull but could have a straighter muzzle. Great silhouette, good tail. Wide thigh. Promising and well kept coat. Moves normal for age."

» Junior class excellent 2nd
Helsinki Winner INT - 13.12.2013

Judge: Annukka Paloheimo

"Good size and proportions. Good coat, head and expression. Good bite. Good rear. Shoulder could be more sloped. Good tail. Brisk performer."
» Junior class excellent 1st CQ BB2 res-CC Helsinki Junior Winner 2013


Tartu INT, Estonia - 3.11.2013

Judge: Adam Ostrowski


"Excellent size. Good head. Correct bite. Good neck, topline & tail. Front too narrow. Correct coat, but not in show conditions. Good mover."
» Junior class excellent 1st CQ BB2 Junior-CC BOB Junior


Tartu INT, Estonia - 2.11.2013

Judge: Zlatko Jojkic


"Good size and type. Nice feminine head. Correct topline. Chest well developed for age. Good angulations and movement. Very good quality of coat. Nice presentation and temperament."
» Junior class excellent 1st CQ BB2 Junior-CC BOB Junior


Lahti INT - 27.10.2013

Judge: Gerard Cox


"Correct in type. Excellent outline. Correct head shape, good eye and earset. Correct topline and shoulder and angulation. She moves well from behind but needs a little more practise."
» Junior class excellent 1st BOB Junior



Kouvola - 17.8.2013

Judge: Goran Gladic


"7,5 months. Correct type. Typical head. Correct bite. Good eye. Well set ears & tail. Well sized & proportions. Quality coat. Excellent in movement. Well presented."
» Puppy class 1st HP BOS puppy




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